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  • Go to Program settings option in Setup Menu

  • You can update the Service Tax number, Service tax %, Cess %, etc as per the current law.

  • Under Bill Settings you can enter you Bank account number and any other message that you want to convey in your Invoice
  • You can set the Invoice Heading that you want to show at the top of your Invoice

  • Here, you can enter any Description for AUM based Fee only

  • The next step is to set the Client Billing Rates inside the Billing option in Menu bar

In the Bill master, 

  • Enter the name of the applicant then click OK

  • Mark checkbox of client that you want to set bill rates for
  • Enter the rates below as per your agreement with the client and press Save

Now, you will decide when to raise a bill and for what period

Go to Process Client Bills option under Billing option in Menu bar

Under Bill Process

  1. Select Fee Basis
  2. Select Client/Family who you want to raise the Bill to
  3. Select Transaction type 
  4. Select Period and then press Show
  5. Select the clients and press Generate Bill at the bottom

If you choose to Bill a Flat Fee 

  • Enter Client/Family Name 
  • Enter the Description here only
  • Select Fee amount then Generate Bill

If you choose to Bill based on AUM

  1. Enter Client/Family 
  2. Choose Time Period
  3. Press Show

This will Calculate AUM based fee for this particular client.

Here, The %Fee is what you had entered in the Program Settings earlier.

If you want, you can change the %Commission Fee here only.

Select Bills that you want to Generate then press Generate Bill.

After Generating the Invoice, Next step is to Print Invoice

  • Set the Time Period
  • Click on Show Bills - This would show all the bills that have been processed and are ready to be printed
  • Select the Bill and Click Preview button

Here, the amount is inclusive of all taxes that you had set earlier in Program Settings.