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Login into the Portfolio Viewer from the Advisors website using the Credentials provided by your advisor to see the Dashboard

The Dashboard shows any general message written by your Advisor.

On the left Column - 

  • Snapshot shows a quick overview of your investments in various asset classes. 
  • It can be seen for Non-zero Folios (all folios that you hold) or All Folios (the entire set of folios that you own since inception). It shows the 
    • Investment
    • Redemption
    • Switch In/Out
    • Dividend payout/ Interest accrued on any FDs etc.,
    • Current Value
    • Net Investments
    • Net gain (Current Value - Net Investments)
    • Annual XIRR

Normally, you would take this report since inception to take into account the total return on the entire portfolio since beginning.

Watchlist is a quick method to find out how your Shares and Mutual Funds have done in the last trading session.

Next, Current SIP shows the SIPs that you have done in the last one month

Latest Transactions shows you all the transactions that have happened in the last month SIPs or non-SIPs.


Allocation Analysis: It shows you on a broad asset class what is the current value that you are holding. You can also see the same current value in terms of category wide allocation - 

And then you can see the allocation Company wise and Applicant wise if you have multiple members in the family.

If you click on a scheme you can even see the fact sheet of that scheme.