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You and your Clients can transact online in any Mutual fund scheme that is registered with NSE.

In the Broker Login of the Portfolio Viewer, under Master Zone click the NSE N MF Online button to start.


After that you can see on the Menu bar click on the NSE N MF Credentials button

Enter the API login and password provided by NSE. In case this is not active, you can write to NSE to enable the API access for you.

Also enter ARN and EUIN.


Once the credentials are entered then our system would automatically synchronize all the IIN that you have created with NSE

Now once you have submitted this information Go back to NSE dashboard

Enter Profile that you want to invest with.

The system will show if it is already mapped. You can download and submit (signed) FATCA application and Bank Mandate for any bank which this person has.

You can filter the clients to see the Inactive ones. For these people you can download the forms from here itself. The download form can be emailed to the client so that he can print and sign it, then send it back to you. You can then submit this.