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Once you Login to the Portfolio Viewer and you are on the Homepage you will find the Invest Online button in the Menu bar.

The Dashboard is broadly classified into 2 categories - 

  • Transact
  • My account 


My Account

  1. My order is used for tracking the orders that you have placed online.
  2. My Profiles is where you see the various family members who have an active IIN (via NSE)
  3. Create Profile allows you to create a new account


New Purchase  

For clients that already have IIN they can make a new Purchase from here


  1. Select which Family member you would use to Invest on behalf of.
  2. Select any Fund
  3. Select any Scheme which could be say Equity, Debt or FMP
  4. Select Scheme type which could be Growth or Dividend
  5. Enter Amount that you want to Invest
  6. Select Payment mode which could be either Net banking, RTGS or Debit Mandate

Net Banking has further 2 options - 

  • Sending Link on email. This link will go to the IIN holder. If you have the Bank login and password you can immediately transfer the payment.


Or you could choose Immediate Payment option. In this case the Bank screen will open up.


  • You could select a Bank Mandate option of you have gotten the mandate approved from NSE. Whichever Bank Mandate you have gotten approved from NSE will be listed out here.


Additional Purchase

The procedure for doing an additional purchase for a folio that is already present is almost same. You also have to select the folio in which you want to invest.


You can select the Myscheme check box if you want to only invest in your schemes. Deselect if you want to invest in any scheme of the Fund.

Multiple Purchases

Here you can select Multiple schemes and do the payment in One go.

To Execute mutiple purchases -

  • Select Profile and AMC
  • Select any Folio or new Folio
  • Select scheme
  • Enter amount
  • Hit Add to cart

You can add as many purchases as you wish. You can do this in existing as well as New folios.


In all cases you will always get a Confirmation mail. Once you confirm only then the transaction happens.


Selecting existing folio scheme (your taking money out of this scheme) and putting it in another fund. 

Enter amount or how many units.



  • Fill up all the fields in to start SIP in whichever fields the client wants to invest in.
  • Enter Amount and Number of Installments
  • Enter Start and End dates for SIP
  • To create a Perpetual SIP check the box 'until cancelled'



The normal rules of equity and debt mutual funds will apply and the money will come to you in 1-3 working days depending on the scheme that you have redeemed. AND whether it is redeemable or not.