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Sub Broker and Relationship Manager

If you want to give your Brokers a Login, Password you can do that here.


Login History

Here you can see when did your client login and from which IP.


Set Fund Picks

You can mark your chosen schemes. These schemes will be highlighted on the Investors side of the system as recommended schemes.

This gives your client a Whitelist when he is looking to invest.



This is used to configure your ARN for each AMC so that when we print transaction slips your ARN is entered there.


Email Configuration

This is used to configure your email id so that when the client receives an email it comes from your id through your server (and not as sent by Investwell)

Enter all fields and click Verify & Save.

If you change your email password please remember to change it over here as well.


Other Settings

This tab allows you to configure the following - 

  • You can choose to receive an email detail about which of your clients logged in. You can receive this daily, weekly or monthly.
  • You can choose to see only the non-zero folios in Portfolio summary.
  • You can choose to see the Portfolio either in summary or in detail.
  • You can upload some standard documents for all your clients to download from the Portfolio viewer. Set the label of that document here.
  • There is an option to enable Background video in the Login Screen of Portfolio viewer
  • Your social media links can be configured here


If you have a Mobile App you can give the App store link here as well. This will help your client to download your app

Client Control Panel

You can select what features of the system you want to show your clients.

You can select the default page that opens up for the client.

Choose from the following options - 

  • Snapshot
  • Watch list
  • SIP in Last Month
  • Recent Transactions


Edit Email Template

The email of the Login Credentials which goes to the clients can be edited here. Please don't edit the text written inside the square brackets, you may re position it. This is where your information will go.