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Business Report

Business reports tell you what were the Purchases and Redemptions in a particular financial year

You can view this either Fund wise or Scheme wise


Cash Flow

Cash flow report is a similar report which shows you 

  • Purchases
  • Redemption
  • Switch in
  • Switch out
  • Dividend Payout

Net Inflow or Outflow on account of each Fund, Scheme, Family.


My transactions 

This shows you the actual transaction done in a particular period. These are all User executed transactions.

Purchases and Redemption come separately. Based on that you can either inform the client, talk to the client on why he has redeem and if he wants to reinvest in some other scheme. All these actions can be taken here.


Login Summary

This shows you how many of your clients are logging in to and using your portfolio viewer from both website and mobile app. So you can know who is using the software.


Client Activity Monitor

This CRM capability allows you to see which of your RMs access which report did they access. This is a complete log of that activity.


SIP/STP Mining

This report tells you

  • which SIPs installments are due in the next 10-15 days
  • which SIPs are going to get over in a period
  • how many new SIPs are procured in a period
  • how many SIPs are running currently in a period
  • which SIPs have matured premautrely i.e. the client has closed them

Compare SIP Procurement

You can compare SIP Procurement for 2 particular periods