Please view in 720p (HD). Go to Settings icon on bottom right corner > Quality > 720p

The main Login page is Segregated into 3 parts

  1. Master Zone
  2. Report Zone
  3. Admin Zone

To view clients portfolio Go to Client Search 

You can run Search through
  • All Clients
  • New Clients or 
  • Clients with No Data

You can either enter the name of the investor in the Search bar or just hit Show, this will show you the names of all the investors.

In this screen you can view the PAN no. of the investor, address, Login details etc

You can Email Login credentials to your clients by clicking on Send Email. It will show you sample email with the login, password for client.

You can also see the Last Login by client, their RM, Sub Broker, Last call. The RMs can update this CRM service so that you as an admin can supervise.
You can Print forms from here and

If you have a Subscription model for investors You can also give a Valid Upto date which means that for this client Portfolio access is available till this date only.