Go to Setup Menu > ARN No.


This is where you could register the Details of the email id in which CAMS, KARVY etc. would send you the mail

Fill in your Mailback Credentials here.

Hit SAVE buttom

Once you configure this for all your ARNs got to Setup > Program Settings option > RTA Setting Tab


Hit Request Mailback Files

This option is your gateway to ordering mailback files from various registrars


The boxes in RED not required to be checked.

You can use this for

  1. Transaction files
  2. Change of Broker Files
  3. Foilio Master
  4. SIP/STP
  5. AUM Files

Incase you have a Backoffice module and are requesting for Brokerage files you could use this to order Upfront files, Trail files or Incentive Files.

  • Enter Period that you want mailback for.
  • Select ARN no.
  • Hit Submit

The system would automatically go to each registrars website and push the required information to us.
Typically, on the 15th or 20th of the month when you have received the Brokerage of the previous month. You could tick all the options, enter the relevant month, put in the ARN and hit Submit. The system would go and order all these files for you which may come back next day.