Once you have uploaded all the brokerages you would want to know what commissions you have been receiving.

  • Go to Backoffice menu > Brokerage MIS 


You must choose the PERIOD around which you want to calculate Brokerage MIS.
  • Many registrars give you a Process Date. This means that the brokerage was Processed on this date.
  • The Borkerage period is the period mentioned in the Mailback file.
  • The List date is the date given by you  when uploading a list.
  • You have your own basis of taking the reports. As we know, what commission you receive in April  is based on the transaction of March. But there may also be some transactions in Jan and Feb that get payed in April.
  • List period shows you the money that came into your bank in this period.

You can choose SUMMARY ON 

  • Fund wise
  • Scheme wise
  • Broker wise
  • Relationship Manager wise
  • Family member wise
  • If you want transaction wise you can choose the Detail option


  • All Filters are optional except List period. We have selected the common ones which are in use
  • For example if you want to see only the Upfront  component you can select the upfront box and deselect the rest.
  • You can also filter based on your ARN, based on your AMC or based on your Sub Broker.
  • After using any of these filters when you hit Show you can see
    • The details of Sub Brokers
    • Brokerage received
    • Brokerage payed out
    • and the Net Retention