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You may watch this video which explains in detail how to perform AUM Reco.

You may also read the transcript and follow instructions.

As you know Investwell allows you to Import data files (Purchases,Redemptions, etc) from all the Registrars on a daily basis. Now there have been instances of a mismatch or a missing file which you have forgotten to upload or which has not come properly from the registrars which could cause a mismatch in the unit balances in any client.

The idea of reconciliation is to find and fix these folios. In the Menu bar go to MIS > AUM Reconciliation


In the next window, it shows all the respective files that you need to obtain from the registrars. This is the reference point which compares the unit balances of the registrar with the system and flags the mismatched folios.


  • Select Registrar
  • Then Select I want to work with new AUM File
  • Select AUM File from your computer folder
  • You can load multiple files if you have more than 1 ARN number
  • Click Next