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Pre-scheduled emails to CC & BCC

Dear Anuj,This is with respect to the pre-scheduled email campaigns that are sent as CC & BCC to the specified email ids.

We should be able to select and unselect the campaign emails that are sent in this way. For example, we schedule birthday & anniversary emails to be sent to all the clients with a CC & BCC to the advisor in order to act as a reminder for personal connection. 

However, with the same setting, all the scheduled monthly portfolios too get sent to the specified CC & BCC email ids, which is absolutely unnecessary. To avoid this if we delete the email ids in CC & BCC, birthday/anniversary emails too get stopped.

As this feature is required frequently and all the year along, request you to kindly look into the same and provide for the necessary settings at the earliest.

Thanks & Warm Regards

Kaustubh Wadekar (CFA)


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