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Require Smart SWP Mode in Mint

Dear Team,

Good Evening!

This is to bring to your notice if any of our clients invests in liquid funds a lump sum amount so over a year whatever profit is gained by him shall be automatically debited to him annually. I will try to elaborate my statement that if I invest around 2 lakhs this year in a liquid fund then by next year if I have gained the profit of 50,000/- in the fund so that 50,000/- should get created to me through SWP by 1st of feb or March 2022 to my account directly without registering the SWP it should get transfer by a smart mode.

Kindly have a look on it and if we can modify the same in our portal will be great.

Awaiting for your positive response.

Yours faithfully,
Ms.Aarti Wagh

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