Invite your Team

Depending on the size of your team, you do this as a first step in getting started with Mint or carry it out later when required. As your Relationship Managers would have a clearer picture of which Investors are duplicates and which fall under one group we recommend that you invite your team first.

To know how to Assign a Relationship manager to your clients Click here.

To do this go to the Account Settings option on the top right corner of any page.

Now, go inside User Settings.

Click the Create User button to create and invite your team members. All invited team members will be available to edit/delete in User Settings option. This option will be available only to the Admin user.

In the pop-up form, add all the details of your team member and submit. Leave the Send activation email check mark. This will send an invite to the entered email id of this user. Using that invite, your team member can create their own password and login after that.

The login page for all your Sub-users will be the same URL.