As you start using Mint for the first time you will have to perform some data correction activities like merging duplicate Investors and Creating Families. These actions can be performed in the Clients page available from the Navigation menu.

Clients menu helps you manage all your clients profile details. You can navigate to their portfolio from here, group clients into families under a family head. Actions that can be performed here are - 

  1. Merging clients

  2. Creating a family

  3. Assigning a Relationship Manager or Sub Broker

  4. Enable/Disable online transaction

  5. Enable/Disable Lock profile

Merge Duplicates

In Mint, we create investors by detecting unique First Applicant name and PAN in folios. If in any folio we only find a name without PAN, a corresponding new investor is created. You have 2 ways of merging duplicates.

Option 1 - Duplicate Finder in Data management

At the bottom of the Navigation menu, we have the Data Management menu. In that, go to the Duplicate Finder.

Here, you can choose a Duplicate parameter and view all your clients grouped by that duplicate parameter. For eg, if you checkmark PAN from the top then all clients with the same PAN will come below grouped on their PAN.

Option 2 - Clients menu

Checkmark the duplicate clients. You can use the search option to search for clients with different names that do not appear on a single page in the table. The system will remember the check marked clients if you don't navigate away from the page.

After selecting the desired clients Choose Merge With from the drop-down list available.

Now, select the Investor that will be the Primary one. The unselected Investor’s folios and transactions will be transferred to the Primary investor. The unselected Investor’s record will be deleted subsequently.