Your investors would usually like to view their investments as a family. This is because an Individual salaried person can invest in Mutual Funds on behalf of their wife, children etc.

In Mint, we can group a number of investors together to form a Family account to give a consolidated view of the Family’s portfolio. Using a Family account an Investor can view folios that belong to other members of his family and invest on behalf of them as well. They can also create Goals for their members.

Option 1 - Duplicate Finder in Data management

At the bottom of the Navigation menu, we have the Data Management menu. In that, go to the Duplicate Finder.

Here, you can choose a Duplicate parameter and view all your clients grouped by that duplicate parameter. For eg, if you checkmark PAN from the top then all clients with the same PAN will come below grouped on their PAN.

Option 2 - From Clients menu

To create a family head go to the Clients Menu. 

Search and Select the investors that need to be grouped. Identify Family members by surname, same PAN but different name, same email id but different name etc. All of this has to be manually for now. Click on the Proceed button to confirm your selection.

For demo purpose, I was able to find 2 such investors. However, you can use the search bar on each column of the table to find more than 2 investors and select them.

On the next step, choose the option Set Family Head from the list of available dropdowns.

Now, select the Investor that will be the Family Head. Then, click on the Apply button at the top of the table on the right.