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Suggestions and needs

1. In the software > Report > Capital Gain, bulk download option of all clients in Summary format by asset-class (in columns).

2. In the software > Setup > Auto Mail Scheduler, among thousands of clients, we do not know who has AUM and who does not. An AUM column will help in scheduling report delivery only to clients with AUM.

3. In the software > Back Office > Brokerage MIS, only while exporting detailed reports, provide an option to ignore 'Zero' payout rows and columns containing list numbers and dates, Retention etc.

4. In the software and website > Folio Query, bring the Demat ID column closer to the Folio or PAN.

5. In the software > Report > Inactive Client, provide RM and SB filter.

6. In the software > Upload > Systematic List Entry, provide SIP Registration Date field. And, do not insist on Folio No. as it is not known for fresh investments. Keep the field though.

7. Provide 'Client Compliance List' on the website for Admin, RMs and SBs.

8. In the software, provide option to view and modify brokerage type categorization. For example, B30 Upfront to be checked and mapped to Upfront or Additional Upfront, Additional Trail to be mapped as Annualised or Trail etc., as preferred by the Broker.

9. In the software, arrange a report in SIP Mining or elsewhere, which populates SIPs that are present in SIP/STP List Modification and active based on End Date/Cease Date but not present in SIP Mining > SIP/STP Running Currently.

10. In the software > MIS > SIP Master Vs Daily Feed SIP Reconciliation, provide separate buttons for SIP and STP separately. Currently, this report does not show STP data.

11. In the software > MIS > Sale Checklist, adjust column widths and add 'Objective' and 'Purchase Date' columns (if possible).

12. In the software and the website (online), show Sub-broker name instead of RM Name but do not use the term Sub-broker as it does not make sense to the client. You may say Adviser or Relationship Manager etc.

Thank you. Zen Securities Ltd., Hyderabad.

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